Matisse Makers

What a week it has been!!! And it is only Tuesday! Last week we introduced a very interesting character known as Henri Matisse.  What a guy!  We finished up the first of our projects yesterday and they are turning out amazing.  My first graders are learning how to trace a circle.  We are drawing a bowl of apples and having a blast mixing colors. 

Before we started this lesson, we did a little color mixing worksheet.  

While the kiddos paint I have played a video with 10 facts about Henri Matisse.  This video is kid friendly and offers children an introduction to Henri Matisse. 

My second graders are exploring color mixing and painting some panels with paper cutouts for emphasis. 

Third graders are exploring color mixing and painting Matisse's Goldfish.  These have turned out so beautiful.  

Fourth graders are also reviewing color mixing and drawing our first figure.  I have always stayed away from drawing people strictly due to my own feelings of  of course so it was quite interesting to see how these turned out. 

1st Grade Clay Monster Faces

This week First Grade Students will be practicing their Clay Monster Faces.  Students practice for a week before we do the lesson for real.  These little monster faces from our littlest artists are going to be so cute!  I haven't done the lesson live yet, so this video should have some changes to it by the end of the week. 

Cra! Cra! Beginning of the new year!

I don't know about you but the beginning of this year has been a 100 yard dash! I feel like I have been running 90 to nothing without rest for weeks now!  I have a crazy schedule that has been quite a struggle to wrap my head around and I am two weeks from starting clay with 1st graders!  That's right, clay with 1st graders within the first 5 weeks of school.  

The past week and a half students have been learning about classroom procedures and exploring materials to be used in the art room for the next year.  Students get to play a little bit with the different mediums we will be using in the art room over the course of the next year, then 2nd - 4th graders review how to upload their artwork to ARTSONIA.  

I keep all artwork throughout the year, so the only way parents and family members can see a student's work is through their online portfolio through ARTSONIA.  This way, students have all their original artwork to choose from when it comes time to select what will be displayed for the End of the Year Art Show.

1st Graders

This week 1st graders will learn how to upload their artwork that they completed last week to ARTSONIA.  Students explored many of the materials we will use this year in art class with a short lesson on Mark Making.   I got the idea from a fabulous art teacher I follow on Instagram.....problem is, I can't remember which one I got the idea from.   I have a bad habit of taking screen shots of all the awesomness I see from #artteachersofinstagram cropping them before I write down the amazing teacher that the idea originated from.  😊 

2nd Graders

This week 2nd - 4th graders will be exploring line and shape.  2nd graders will be studying the War Shields of the Asmat people

Students will learn a little about the Asmat culture and the shields they carry in battle with them.  The Asmat people live in an area of New Guinea.  Their shields represent and are named after the owner's ancestors.  Shields are carved from the root of a mangrove tree and is formed into a plank.  Symbols of wild boar tusks, flying foxes, tails of kangaroos, and whirlpools decorate the shield.  Typical colors are orange, brown, ivory, and black.  Deep Space Sparkle Asmat Shields Lesson

3rd Graders 

3rd Graders will explore the dream like world of surrealism and Marc Chagall.  For this lesson, we looked at Chagall's use of color in a few of his paintings, especially Le Mariee.  We also read the book Journey on a Cloud by Veronique Massenot and Elise Mansot.  We discussed the differences in warm and cool tones and pointed out how the paintings are primarily a dominant cool with the elements of the warm to contrast as the focal point.  The book, Journey on a Cloud, is a perfect illustration to this concept of selecting a dominant warm or cool color palette and the using touches of the oposite color palette for deep contrast. Deep Space Sparkle Marc Chagall Art Lesson

4th Graders

Sometimes the simplest objects, enlarged to a grand scale, can be the most beautiful.  Georgia O'Keeffe was a master at this style of painting.  Her up close paintings of flowers are some of the most recognizable images in the art world.  These close up citrus fruits are a beautiful example of just that! Drawing the fruit from observation is a key part of this lesson.  Help your students slow down and really draw what they see as they look at the details of the citrus fruit.  

Radial symmetry is part of this lesson as citrus fruits are naturally symmetrical.  Value plays a role as students paint their citrus fruits with various tints of color.  Using light and shade to show depth and complexity to their painting.  

We connected this lesson to the artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz (and do not ask me to try to say ol' Dennis's last name!  My southern twang can not wrap itself around all those consonants.)  Dennis creates large scale oil paintings of fruit slices and flowers that are hyperrealistic.  Visit Dennis Wojtkiewicz  website to see some really amazing artwork   Deep Space Sparkle Up Close Citrus Art Lesson

Using Videos in the Art Room/ Asian Unit

Using Videos in the Art Room 

So many of you may wonder why I use so many videos during my lessons.  My room is extremely small and I have absolutely NO demo room.  For all 25-36 students to see what I am doing I have found it is easier to project a demo video that I can pause, rewind, or fast forward as needed and not have to draw the same lesson 8 times in a week.  I created my YouTube channel, Mrs. Paintbrush - Misti Scaggs, strictly as a platform to better control the videos with.  It is easier to pause a YouTube video than it is to pause the Window's Movie Maker I use to create the videos with.  Also, surprisingly, the kids listen better to virtual me than real me! 

Asian Unit

The next 3 weeks will be devoted to the customs and culture of the Chinese.  Being from Northeast Texas, we do not have a large Mandarin population, but the artistry and beauty of the country and its artwork are undeniable to any student.  This is always a huge hit and I do these lessons every year.  

My 3rd graders are studying the legend of the Chinese Dragon and we drew and painted a dragon on large paper.  We used a 17" x 12" (I have to cut an inch off so the artwork will fit into the copier paper portfolio boxes I have to keep artwork for art show in.)

Week 1 we discuss the different geographical regions of china using the video vlog form  Mr. Zoller's Geography Vlog.  I created a worksheet  to accompany the video and we worked through it together.  This took the whole 45 minute class period. 

The map I found on the web and saved it for later use with this lesson.  It was found on 

Week 2 we watched  a read aloud called The Legend of the Chinese Dragon.  Written by Marie Seller, this book discusses the different regions of China and the folk lore of each region.  It was a great resource to accompany this lesson.  This day, we just drew our dragon.

Week 3 we will paint our dragon and Upload it to Artsonia before turning it into the drying rack marked 3rd grade. 

Week 1 - 4th Grade did the same geography lesson with the same worksheet as 3rd Grade.  

We watched this amazing video produced by Christie's about a talented Japanese artist Takuji Hamanaka takes us inside his Brooklyn studio to explain why he adopted a centuries-old technique to create contemporary woodblock prints. The student's were just blown away with the composition of the artwork he displayed for the clip.

Week 2 - we reviewed the previous lesson and watched a clip to better understand The Great Wave, Better Know the Great Wave | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios. This video gave modern references as well as historical references pertaining to the Great Wave.

We drew our wave with dark blue oil pastel.

Week 3 - Students will be able to choose what medium they want to add color to their drawings with. They will get a choice of 3: Tempera Cakes, Chalk pastels, and my favorite oil pastels. They will add color and upload to their Artsonia accounts before turning them into the drying racks or their Teacher Portfolio Boxes.

Week 1 of 1st Grade: Koi Fish Facts Worksheet we used to accompany the video we used to learn about the Koi Fish by Animal Fact Files.

On the opposite side of the worksheet I put a coloring page I found online for free of Koi Fish and the students colored their fish using the 7 colors we discussed during the video.

Week 2 - 1st Grade is explored the Legend of the Koi Fish. I found this great video for a read aloud about the legend of the Dragon Gate and the Koi Fish, A Koi Story, directed and animated by Emma Louise Brelt and Phare. The illustrations in this video are truly stunning. I loved it!

Students drew their fish with a guided drawing lesson from my channel.

Week 3 - students will paint their fish and background, upload to Artsonia and turn them into the drying rack.

2nd Grade - Chinese Vases

Week 1 - students watched an advertisement by Viking Cruise Lines on a brief history of Chinese Porcelain. I showed a few pieces of my own wedding China (although I did NOT pass it around.)

We answered a few questions regarding porcelain then I gave the students a blank coloring sheet with the silhouette of a vase on it to design their own with. 

Week 2 - we drew our vase talking about symmetry, line, and pattern.  

Week 3 - students will cut out their vase, paint a background on a separate piece of paper, and glue their vase to the background.  I will have them use oil pastels to draw flowers in their vase before painting the background. 

When their composition is complete they will upload it to Artsonia and turn it into the drying rack. 

Thanksgiving Break

Art Club Students are the heart and soul of Parkway!
Thanks to Mitzi Willis for all your help!

We had a successful day painting the windows at Parkway Elementary at the beginning of Thanksgiving Break.  I don't imagine I could call the past week I have had a "break".  
The first Sunday of Thanksgiving break, I met my Art Club Parents, students, and a few Teachers on campus and we got our creative juices flowing!!!  We painted the front windows of the campus in festive holiday decor.  I could not have asked for better volunteers.  They worked their hind ends off for me and I am so pleased with the results.

We used plain ol' latex house paint.  All in all, I spent about $300 on paint, mostly in pints.  I only bought one gallon of paint and that was for the white.  This will do the windows probably 2 times.  I actually plan to use the left over paint to decorate the bathrooms across from my classroom in inspirational quotes.  You know the ones...."be the rainbow in someone's day."  

That of course will have to wait for Christmas Break!  

Here is a little peak at how our day went!  

The Week Before Thanksgiving!

Is there a crazier time in the Art Room than the week before Thanksgiving Break?  I am trying to get all my lessons for the first semester finished, uploaded, and filed!  PHEW!  The work seems never ending when I have a raging case of the "I DON'T WANT TO's!" Many of my classes have finished the last lesson of the semester and needed just a short, 45 minute lesson to fill these last few days of class.

My 3rd and 2nd Graders are finishing up their lessons from a few weeks ago.  My 4th and 1st graders are enjoying a one day, super quick lesson. 

4th Grade Modern Landscape

This lesson from Deep Space Sparkle reviews our knowledge of WARM and COOL Color Families and CONTRAST. Students drew a modern landscape with oil pastel on black construction paper.  We filled our drawing with chalk pastel, choosing a warm or cool color pallet for the land and trees and the contrasting family for the sky. 

1st Grade Winter Owls

We watched the cutest video by Marshall Baya to learn more about the Snowy Owl.  

After discussing the coloring, and addressing the issue of me coloring my eyes and beak wrong in the video below, we drew our owls with a black oil pastel and filled our owl with white chalk pastel for texture.  We also did a little splatter paint over the top so our snowy owls could have a little snow!

Australian Unit at Parkway

1st Grade Painted Platypus

1st Grade Painted Platypus

As many of you already know, I LOVE my Deep Space Sparkle Membership and use it all the time.  I found these lessons from the Australian Bundle and fell in love with them.  

My 1st Graders enjoyed learning about the Platypus and drawing their little platypus on a rock.  In this lesson, students watched a short informative video on the Platypus, we discussed the unusual features of this "extra parts" animal. LOL!  

We drew it with oil pastel and painted it with our Tempera Cakes. 

2nd Grade Ice Cream Sandwich Boxes

Second grade is busy creating their Clay Ice Cream Sandwiches. This has been a 3 week lesson due to the every changing school schedule.  Gotta love that unexpected pep rally thrown in without notice! 
This year for our EOY Art Show Ceramic Theme we will be Parkway Elementary Pastry Shop.  All grade levels are doing a dessert of some kind. I'll make a separate post for 1st grade's spilled ice creams. They turned out so cute!!

3rd Grade Koala Selfie

Third Grade studied the Koala and his unique self. Students explored VALUE, Color mixing, and SHAPE.  We drew our Koala's with oil pastel and colored our tree and leaves with 2 or more colors of oil pastels.  Then, we painted out koala's by creating different values of gray by double loading our brush with black and white.  

This was a 2 day lesson.  The second day we added texture to our Koalas with chalk pastels over the dry tempera paint and painted our background. 

Day 1 Video

Day 2 Video

4th Grade G,Day! Mate!

In this lesson we explored color mixing through double loading our brushes and Aboriginal Dot Painting. The first day we painted the background and started our dot painting.  The second day, we finished our background, drew our Cockatoo and cut and pasted it to our background. This lesson tested the students patients with all the tiny dots they had to put into the background.  Many, especially my boys, became frustrated with the tediousness of the task. 

They turned out so cute and I let the students choose the color they highlighted their bird with. 

Day 1 of G,Day! Mate!

Day 1 G,Day! Mate!